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Boxford is the second largest town in Essex County covering 24.6 square miles.  It is quite wooded with numerous hills; the tallest being Bald Hill, in the southwest corner of the town.  There are also numerous brooks and ponds.  Since 1949, Boxford has utilized two-acre zoning in order to maintain the rural character of the town.  There is no commercial development in Boxford at this time.  The current population of Boxford (2010) is 7,965.

Boxford was first settled in 1646 as part of Rowley Village by Abraham Redington.  When it was officially incorporated in 1685, about forty families resided in Boxford.

Farming was the primary occupation of the early settlers although craftsmen were also found among the townspeople.  The largest industry in Boxford was the match factory (located on Lawrence Road) which operated from 1866 to 1905.

The original building of the First Church was built in 1701 in East Boxford Village.  As the population of West Boxford expanded, the legislature designated this section as precinct 2 in 1735.  Town meetings alternated between East and West parishes.  The first West Boxford church building was erected in 1774.

History Links

History of Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts: From the Earliest Settlement known to the Present Time.  By Sidney Perley, 1880. Find it digitized by google books

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